Friday, October 29, 2010

Where have the True Republicans Gone?

Whatever happened to the once noble Republican party--"the grand old party"--the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Reagan? As great as Sarah Palin is, a brilliant show woman, of national importance, she is not in the same league as these others.

As certain as the current "so-called" Republicans are that they know what Americans want, and that November will bring a sweeping victory to them, to these blatant anti-Democrats, a surprise may be in store.
Where have the real Republicans gone? They are now the Independents and yes, even the current Democrats. Many of the old Republicans realize that in today's world they have no choice but to be Democrats. The next few days may bring on many unexpected results.

All of this is very confusing not just to the young , the new voters. It's plenty confusing to the oldsters who wonder, what has happened to courtesy, clarity and decency? Because someone can arouse emotions doesn't mean that that is the call to abandon our sanity. And just because party lines have blended and merged, doesn't mean that the new foxes in the hen-yard are going unrecognized as the predators that they are!

The party of "No, Hell-No", belongs on Broadway, in a Broadway musical, with Sarah Palin as the star. If Sarah ever made it to the White House, it will be the comedy of the ages, bar none.

So we can go on, amusing and abusing ourselves and having a great time, but Americans are not so unaware that they don't realize that there is a difference between Government and Show business. President George W. Bush is a charming man, but hardly a scholar. He was at the bottom of his class at Yale. That might not explain some of the mistakes that were made during his administration, but as one voter commented, "this time I'll vote for the person who was at the top of his class". That person is President Obama.

The tea party candidates are a lot of fun but are they qualified to help America compete on the world scene? Lets make our vote count for something real, solid and not just entertainment.

So I guess in conclusion, the message is, think through all things political and try to keep America on a sane and safe pathway. And keep always the common good in mind.

So this year vote democratic to keep our country safer.

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