Friday, March 19, 2010

Wars that don't need to be waged but are being fought anyway.

In the next few days we will know more about the Health Care Bill, and whether it will be passed or not. One would think that health care for once's own countryman could not be a controversial matter. But it is. Even-though it is not a new idea and has been proposed by many Presidents of both parties over the decades it still has not come to pass. If one goes back in history there are interesting discoveries.

Richard Nixon, a Republican president had many marvelous ideas not only on this subject but also in other needed reforms that could have strengthened our country.
Mr. Nixon was a bright man and whatever your opinion of him, credit must be given for many of his inspired ideas.

There were many great minds in the Republican party over the decades who came up with excellent concepts, many of which were ignored by the press of politics at the time. What is clear as crystal today is that what is being called the Republican party now is not the Republican party that we grew up with. It should call itself something else. What used to be considered statesmanship, leadership, and plain integrity seems to have vanished, to the sorrow of many Americans. We can only call on the current minority leaders, Republican Representative John Boehner (R-OH) and Senator Mitch McConnell (R-MI), and tell them that many Republicans want the Health Care bill passed. Not everyone applauds an ungenerous stance on Health Care at this critical juncture in the history of our country.

Now that the whole Health Bill will be presented in it's entirety, word for word, so everyone in America can read it, we still have time to find out the facts. We can redeem our integrity as human beings, as the generous-hearted people that we Americans are and pass this necessary bill.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Health Care, another Conscience Call.

Another day and the chance to answer another Conscience Call.

At this moment America is in the grasp of historic change. The unanswered question is will there be Health Reform or Health Care for more Americans? Or, will we go into the future fumbling along in a mire of inadequate care and intolerable expense?

Even though for many many years, reform of our delivery of health care has been desired, it has not yet happened. The USA is one of the most powerful of all developed nations, but it is the only one that does not take medical care of all it's people. Just as our President works to fulfill his pledge to correct this unfairness, the two leaders of the Republican party pledge to defeat him. One wonders why this rigid resistance has risen! Let us presume these two gentlemen are acting out of honest conviction, rather than a determined thrust for political power .

For their sakes I hope the bill goes through to bring help to so many despairing families who need medical care. It will help the Republican Party to appear more humane and caring, but even more important, since every human being has to answer for his actions, not only to history but to a call of conscience it will be better not to be pronounced guilty by a saddened world.

So this is a call to every American to live up to the traditions of loyalty and fairness for which we are famous, and not let everybody down by an exercise of petty politics.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Ides of March, a Significant Date, the Day this Blog Began.

Everyone of us is a citizen, not only of this magnificent country of ours, but also of the Universe. Every person is here for a reason to contribute to the well-being of all others. We are bound to each other and intertwined in ways so mysterious and universal that it eludes the human mind. We are each others guardian.

So we begin today to speak in behalf of the unfortunate, sad, the beleaguered who need some of the sunny and inspiring lift that we can give to each other. Everyone has a conscience and no matter how helpless we feel or how confused we are or how uncertain the path ahead may seem to our limited minds, we all like to participate in the creation of a more beautiful world.

So welcome to everyone, greetings to all, we embrace you, and we hope you'll contribute your ideas and your deepest thoughts and sincerest feelings to this blog.

Welcome to a meeting place of a warm interchange of ideas, theoretical concepts and practical solutions.

Join our circle of friends.
D.N. Sutton