Thursday, November 4, 2010

Change Needed Desperately Now!

When Henry Ford gave us the first Model T car, it was an open air vehicle. (Occasionally infants died from too much wind!)

Today, not only Fords, but all modern cars are hermetically sealed. They are bake ovens. In a very few minutes, life ends, babies, dogs and the elderly unable to escape the vehicle, die.

Is it because care givers are bad people? No way.
Is it because car-makers are evil? Of course not.
Is it because car-seat manufacturers don't care about babies they try to protect? Of course they care.

But good people sometimes let bad things happen because they do not realize there is danger. No one has underlined the problem for them. Minds are on other things. Distracted humans are error prone. So why are we delaying to rush to the rescue?

Everyone knows a dead child is more important than a dead battery!

Mandatory Warning Systems are demanded now by car buyers, SO NO MORE BABIES DIE IN THE BACK OF THE FAMILY CAR .

NEEDED NOW: LOUD BELLS AND WHISTLES even when a child, dog or elderly person is mistakenly left in a car.

No parent or care giver can imagine the horror of death under such agonizing conditions. Distracted, exhausted parents are often unaware that the baby was forgotten in the back of the car. No bells and whistles gave out an SOS.

Lets change now, in the name of humanity, our Conscience Call is to end deaths in cars forever.

For more information contact Janette Fennell President and Founder of Kids and Cars.

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